Book Drive|Tambol sa Kaugmaon


credits go to its respective owners

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be in Azerbaijan? Do you even know that Azerbaijan exists? Could there be aliens watching us here on earth? Why is the moon always following me? These are just some of the few things that boggled our cute, little, and innocent minds when we were younger; the peculiarities of the world that get the best of us. We would ask our parents or anyone older than us these questions, and in return they’d just look and laugh at us. We didn’t understand why they laughed, or why they just looked because those questions meant the whole world to us. It was at that time that yearning for knowledge was at its peak. We were curious, we wanted to learn.

As our quest for knowledge grew, we slowly turned to books. Little did we know how strange books can be. Books can answer our most complicated questions, but books can also ask us the most intricate questions and leave us flabbergasted for days. Books are powerful entities for they contain the elements for cure; they could start revolutions, and reformations. Books personify an idea. 

As much as we hate to study, we have to admit that majority of what we learned came from books or other reading materials. Books help us broaden our horizons; take us to places and eras we’ve never been to before. Books are what fuel us to think, have bold, creative, and imaginative minds. Even with just a few pages, there are things in books that make us believe that we have the world in our hands.



if ever you’re interested 🙂


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