Tambol sa Kaugmaon




The “Tambol sa Kaugmaon Project” is an initiative to support education in St. John Elementary School located at Puntod, Cagayan de Oro City through donation of new and used children books that are still in good condition that will be donated for its library.

This book drive initiative is an attempt to make a modest contribution in support of education in St. John Elementary School. When they asked the Principal if they have library, he said they don’t have right now. They had problems in gathering books for children.

The objective is to collect recent books (new or used books in good condition) which include text books of major subjects (Mathematics, English, Science) Children Story Books, and other forms of scholastic material that can be used by Primary and Elementary students.

So guys, wherever you are, if you want to help, please do! you can comment here, or visit our page https://www.facebook.com/TambolSaKaugmaon

The official turning over of books is on May 25, 2013 but you can still donate beyond May 25. We really appreciate your help and I’m sure the kids will love it also. Thank you!



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