Fitting In

Fitting In

This is actually a TBT post, but meh I found a very interesting insight on this one.

I got this during my senior year in high school. As a senior, I tried to do whatever I want because fuck-yeah-i’m-a-senior-you-can’t-do-anything-about-it-waddup-bitchuzz, and also to be remembered. This happened when I tried to PHOTOBOMB every organization/club there was… well, except for those orgs who had the strictest advisers or moderators.
What happened was, when the Dance Troupe’s moderator wasn’t looking, (I’m a frustrated dancer, btw.) I ran up to the platform…and tripped. AND MAN, THAT WAS SO EMBARRASSING! THE WHOLE SCHOOL WAS LOOKING AT ME. Ha ha ha. I kinda fell on the stairs as I tripped… that hurt too.

Moral of the story? Never try too hard to fit in. Be content and comfortable of who you are. If you want to become something more, work hard for it. There are no shortcuts in life.


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